This Month’s Programs

February Programs


Feb. 1                   Gina Meinertz- Our very own Rotarian will

give an update of the great things happening in our      Elementary School. She will cover Edvisions, interdisciplinary learning, Circle of Security Learning and the new Wellness Coach.


Feb. 8                   Four Seasons Community Center update- John

Pongratz, Steve Ingvalson and Four Seasons Manager     Barb Lundt will cover some history on the center, public perceptions, and challenges they face, along with possible partnership opportunities or the need for fundraising. (A reminder that this meeting will be at Elsie’s, not at the Farmhouse.)


Feb. 15                  Mike Ingvalson- Mike Ingvalson will present on the

utilization of Hispanic workers on the farm and bringing       the Hispanic population into our culture.


Feb. 22               TBD.








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