October 2019 Programs

October 11, 2019 — Ashley Proulx talked about her Reiki business and how it relates to her work as a nurse.  She works out of her home by appointment.

Reiki is an Eastern medicine that moves energy in the body.  It helps one work through “short circuits”.  It can provide calmness.

 Ashley Proulx

Ashley Proulx








October 18, 2019–Two Interact members talked about IFeed.


Arien O’Heron read the child’s book about the 4-Way Test.  This may be a project for our club to read in a classroom, or provide the book to teachers to use in their classrooms.

Fellow Rotarian, Arien O'Heron

Fellow Rotarian, Arien O’Heron







October 24, 2019–Our members visited Caledonia Lumber Company to learn about the business.  They build and remodel homes and build out-buildings.  They also sell supplies to other builders in the area.  It’s a long-time business in the community.  Some trends they’ve seen include building larger houses, maintenance free siding and roofing.








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