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October 5, 2018– Lisa Furuseth is a former Norwegian exchange student who lived with the Grippen family in the ’90s.  She and her husband established a private preschool in 2003, Hoppensprecht with a focus on outdoors.  Activities include sports, outdoor activity, health food, and group activities.  Children in Norway do not start school until age 7 but all children can go to a preschool.

The motto at Hoppensprecht is “the little extras”.  Their schools have 300 employees and 1200 children.  It also includes a sport center with 1000 in gymnastics.  They have a ski resort with 20000visitors each year.  This is a big part of her husband’s family.  They have so started  private elementary, junior high and high schools.  Her vision is to help everyone succeed.  There is talent and potential to be unleased in everyone.

They are in a transformation process:  1) a whole person paradigm; 2) focus on life skills, mental health, democracy and sustainability; 3) new nationwide curriculum by 2020.

Lise Furuseth

Lise Furuseth











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