November 2019 Programs

November 1, 20109–Suzanne Roesler, owner of the Caledonia Bakery, updated us on her work at the bakery since she bought it this spring.  Remodeling of the building is complete.  She utilized many old historic elements.

She is gradually introducing new products.  Some are selling pie by the piece and 4-pack of buns.  She emphasizes attention to quality.  She reports steady traffic all day.  People stop at the bakery on their way to appointments in town.  And a number of people actually drive into town to shop at the bakery.  One new item is pretzels on Wednesdays and Fridays after 10 a.m.

She will continue to do more with the “court yard” next spring.

Suzanne Roesler, owner of the Caledonia Bakery

Suzanne Roesler, owner of the Caledonia Bakery








November 8, 2019 — Laurel Rusert shared memories of living in the county jail.  She was 5 years old when her father, Beryl Kerrigan, was elected sheriff and the family moved to the jail.  This was common in those years as was the fact that the sheriff’s wife became cook, cleaner and launderer for prisoners as well as family.  Eventually her mother was deputized.  They received $1 per day for housing and feeding prisoners.  Her father believed in giving prisoners work to do ie wash police cars, shovel snow, mow the lawn etc.  As Laurel explained, they lived in a very public place and had to set an example of good behavior.

Laurel Rusert withphoto or historic jail.

Laurel Rusert with photo of historic jail.








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