November 2018 Programs

November 2, 2018 — Dr. Winterstein, Pediatric Orthopedist at Gunderson, spoke about the STAR Center.  This is a program for adults with special needs.  The focus is on health equity–providing an opportunity for all to have good health.  People with disabilities have health issues due to lack of care not due to special needs.

1 in 5 people in the US have a disability.

At STAR they move away from a medically based model to community based care.  College students work with the clients.  The $20 million facility is located at Lang Drive and St Andrews Street.  It was built on universal design principles.

Dr. Winterstein

Dr. Winterstein










November 9, 2018– Dr. Dan Small, MD at Mayo Clinic in LaCrosse was our speaker.  At age 11 he decided he would be a doctor.  He has treated many Sjogren’s  patients.  He talked about drug prices.  Clinical trials to get drugs approved have alot of regulations and are costly.  His solution to high drug prices is that Congress pass laws that all drugs are half of what they are now and make the patent last for a longer period of time.  He said there is a consortium, including Mayo, that is trying to start a generic drug company.

Dr. Dan Small, MD

Dr. Dan Small, MD








November 16 — Naomi Fruechte and Mary Mell attended the Rotary One Summit in LaCrosse.  Naomi presented highlights of that session and led the members in some of the activities from it.


November 23 — No meeting


November 30, 2018 — Tom Birkedahl spoke about the Voices of Men organization.  The group’s purpose is to fight domestic violence and sexual assault.  It began in Appleton, WI.  Over 1000 people have attended the annual breakfast each of the last four years.

He’s beginning a group in the Coulee area.  90% of perpetrators are men, but 90% of men are not perpetrators.

They are trying to change the culture so more people are willing to say “stop it”.  He has a leadership team of about 30 people representing many facets of the LaCrosse area.

Tom Birkedahl, Voices of Men

Tom Birkedahl, Voices of Men












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