March 2018 Programs

March 2018 Speakers/Programs

March 2, 2018 – Pat Stephens presented Rotary Lights checks to the following non-profit organizations:  River City Corvettes, UW-L Alpha Phi (not present), Bluff Country Family Resources, Coulee CAP, and Hunger Task Force.

The 2017 Rotary Lights was the best year ever in all aspects.  The ice rink just closed for the season.  254 pairs of ice skates were donated this year.  2019 will be the 25th Anniversary of Rotary Lights.

Pat Stephens

Pat Stephens








Representatives from Coulee Corvette Club, Coulee CAP, Houston County Family Resources, and Hunger Task Force

Representatives from River City Corvette Club, Coulee CAP, Bluff Country Family Resources, and Hunger Task Force


March 9, 2018 – Dr Naren Kingsley, DVM, spoke about pet veterinary care.    Yearly exams are important for dogs and cats.  Dental disease and arthritis are two conditions owners often don’t recognize.  It’s important for pet owners to pay attention to little changes in the pet’s behavior.

Dr Naren Kingsley, DVM

Dr Naren Kingsley, DVM












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