July 2018 Programs

July 6, 2018 – Luke Werner, an Animal Science graduate of the University of Minnesota is now employed by Hendel Dairy Farms, Caledonia.  Prior to this, he worked at a 4200 cow dairy in Florida.  He was in charge of genetics and embryo sales to China.  The embryos went to a 10,000 cow dairy in China.  All Florida milk goes to market as fluid milk.  They don’t make cheese in Florida.

He has a broader variety of jobs at Hendel Farms in his role as assistant herdsman.

Luke Werner

Luke Werner








July 13, 2018 – Nate Rask, owner of Ken’s Small Engine, spoke about his business.  It’s a busy place as he sells and repairs many products from lawn mowers to chain saws.  He sells numerous brands.  He employs four fulltime, one part time and one high school student.

He said fuel is the largest cause of failure in equipment.  It isn’t as stable as it was years ago and breaks down leaving gummy deposits in the engine.  One should use fuel less than a month old.

One of the new items he sells is the robotic lawn mower.  One is in use in Caledonia with very positive results.  A wire is buried around the perimeter of the lawn.  The mower makes a 13-inch cut.  It maneuvers slopes well.  It knows when to mow, where to mow and docks itself when the battery is low.  All a person has to do is watch it from the comfort of the home or deck.

Nate Rask, owner of Ken's Small Engines

Nate Rask, owner of Ken’s Small Engines








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