January 2017 Meeting Programs

February 2nd meeting will be held at Elsie’s Bar and Grill in Caledonia at 7:30 a.m.


January 5 – Committee meetings

January 12 – Dave Wiersbe spoke about “Good Grief”.  We feel grief whenever there is a loss whether real or perceived.  Adjustment to a loss involves the whole person, both psychological and physical.  It is a form of rehabilitation.  Grief is not rational.  Feelings are real, but not necessarily reality.  Grieving people need promises, not explanation.  Grief recedes but never heals.

Dave Wiersbe

Dave Wiersbe








January 19 – Julie O’Mara Meyer spoke about bullying.  Bullying is repeated acts against someone with intent to keep harming the person.  There is a need for adults in schools to understand the issue and have a policy.  There is also a need for parents to know how to deal with it.  Kids who see it don’t know what to do.  We need to teach kids to be assertive.  Victims feel it’s all about them.  Kids need a good adult support system at school, at least one good friend, support at home, to be involved in  some sort of a group probably not at school.

Julie O'Mara Meyer

Julie O’Mara Meyer


January 26 – Ruben De Brauwer, an exchange student from Australia, visited our club and talked about his homeland and his first impressions of Caledonia.  He is a 15-year old student from a town of 8,000 people in a relatively rural area of Australia.  He is living with the Francis and Heather Myhre family for six months.

Ruben DeBrauwer

Ruben DeBrauwer









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