August 2019 Programs

August 9, 2019 — Rebecca Swedburg, Principal at St Mary’s Elementary School, said they are going through an accreditation process.  They will develop a strategic 7-year plan.  It will address financial sustainability, enrollment, marketing and public relations, and academics.  Their current enrollment is 127 students in PreK through 8 grades.








August16, 2019 — Nathan  Boler,  Principal at Caledonia Area High School, told about himself and his thoughts about entering the administrative position.

Caledonia MS/HS Principal

Caledonia MS/HS Principal, Nathan Boler

August 23, 2019 – Audrey Staggemeyer, Houston County Public Health Educator, spoke about E-cigarettes and vaping.  She showed examples of the products used.  They are actually aerosols not vapors.  The nicotine concentration varies.  The flavors produced appeal to pre- and teens.  There is a big concern about the shift to marijuana.  One-third of high school e-cigarette users report having used their vaping device for recreational marijuana.  This is the big cause of illness and death from vaping.

Defective e-cigarette batteries can cause fires and explosions.

School-based prevention programs show effectiveness, can produce short-term effects and reduce prevalence of tobacco use among youth.

Audrey Staggemeyer, Public Health Educator

Audrey Staggemeyer, Public Health Educator








August 30, 2019 — Joe Hammell showed the plans for the new clubhouse at MaCalGrove Golf Course.  They are waiting for state approvals.  The temporary clubhouse is working ok.  The old cart sheds have been torn down with some showing rotted posts.  The goal is to get the new building up by November so inside work can be done over winter.  They hope to open in May.



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